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Posted by Nick B. on 2011-09-08 01:01:49
Brauhaus am Kreuzberg. I'm torn between those who don't like it and liking the place. Seems a bit arbitrary to me to say that a place should remain "traditional", when the definition of traditional is based on x-y-z factors. Well prior to a certain point, those x-y-z factors would also have been viewed as "non-traditional" or too modern as well. But yes, the place is a bit Yankee-brewpub-built-to-German-construction-standards. And Norbert is an outsider (grew up several miles outside of Forchheim Landkreis--not even in Oberfranken!) who has invested outsider money in building the place, so the neighbours *have* to be upset about it, by tradition. Me, I just wish he'd brew proper ales rather than lagers.
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