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Barry Reporting!
Posted by barry on 2011-09-09 02:38:06
A red letter day in Bamberg! First, it was really good to meet and chat with Jan in Spezial (which seems to be most people's favourite Bamberg Brauerei). But to both our surprise, who should also be there but Frank Wetzel, accompanied by his brother and sister-in-law. Unfortunately, their stay was quite short as they were on a promenade, to include Greifenklau, Schlenkerla and Fassla. So we chatted on with Jan until it was time for him to head out – good meeting you, maybe we might meet up again before the visit ends. As the weather wasn't so great, we strolled around town for a while heading into the alt stadt for the recquired look round the Dom, Neue Reisdenz, etc., before necessity drove us into Schlenkerla. It was quite crowded in the Schwemm (mainly with children taking up seats and people not drinking – gripe, gripe!) but we struck up conversation with a nice guy from Coburg before sitting down. I had a conversation with the guy at the ausschank as he was doing the 'anstich', comparing Bayern methods with English. He was able to drive in the tap with his hand, something impossible with an English cask. Anyway, one seidla slipped down nicely nd we were discussing whether to have another when in comes Frank and party! So, of course, we had to stay for another seidla – and then a few more while we chatted about interests in common – Franken bier! Frank and party were most pleasant and amiable company and we were also joined by Ursl, one of his map making colleagues. A pleasant evening and a demonstration of how much fun can be had in a pub in Franken for not a lot of money. It was great meeting you, Frank, and perhaps we'll meet again before the trip is over.
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