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Daheim und hier, Ahornberger Bier... (with 6 pictures)
Posted by Danny on 2011-12-10 06:15:04
In May Ahornberger brewery was insolvent. Beer is brewed there as always. How long will we still are able to enjoy the great Ahornberger beer? Today, 12 o´clock in Ahornberg. In the brewery courtyard it was very very quiet. It seemed as the brewery is soon closed. Until 14 o´clock you can buy beer there on Saturday. I knocked on the door and a friendly woman sold me a beer case of my favourite sort, the Märzen. It´s the best Märzen in whole Franconia. You can compare it a little bit with the Aichinger Spezialbier which you get from barrel in Heiligenstadt. Ahornberger is the only brewery that sells the beer in the 0,5 l "Steinie" bottles. In a box there are only 16 bottles. In supermarkets you only get "Ahornberger Würzig" and "Hopfig", but not the very good Märzen (this is available only in the brewery). Also only in the brewery you get boxes with 20 bottles (the old "Euro2 bottles") of the sorts Pils and Urhell. One bottle of Pils you get as a present when you buy a whole box at the brewery. This gift of one bottle is typical for breweries in east Upper Franconia. Unfortenately, the Festbier was soon outsold. New Festbier will be bottled on Monday. Please support this great landbrewery so as they can survive the next years... A few picas of the brewery:
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