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Frohe Weihnachten...Feiertage!
Posted by Nick B. on 2011-12-24 00:52:00
Etc., etc. We're off to Flanders for the first time in 6 years on Monday, the second time in 12 years, each time around Xmas. Someday, we'll do that summer bike tour through Flandern und Wallonien. But now that there's a proper smoking ban, we'll be able to really, truly *enjoy* the bier caf├ęs. Will also be our first ever car trip crossing international borders, on this or the N. American continent. So, I can bring back cases/racks/crates/Kisten of that 3.5% abv Dupont session beer. Probably no Westvleteren though, I just can't be arsed to deal with the phone calling and reserving and all that. Not this trip.
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