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Posted by Nick B. on 2011-12-31 02:48:06
We got to neither Westvleteren nor Antwerp (the Kulminator is closed for the holidays) but that's okay -- Gent, Brugge, and Leuven kept us very well occupied for four nights. Also didn't die from the strength of the beer, but then we drank a fair but of <6% beer anyway. Brugge was so great we spent two partial days (and evenings) there. Gent was nice as a base instead of a day trip, with a few truly great pubs. Driving wasn't as horrible as I'd feared, though Barry's right about the motorways in Belgium compared to the Netherlands and this country. I filled up the boot/trunk/Kofferraum pretty well with a stop at both the Hop Duvel in Gent and Dranken Geers north of Gent. The former had no Biologérè, which led to a trip to the latter, recommended by those at the r8beer forum. And what a nice surprise that was--spectacular selection, and excellent German spoken at both places as well. The couple at Geers travel regularly to Franken and have walked from Leutenbach to Hetzelsdorf, among other things. Lots and lots and lots to spend money on there. Magnum and 75 cl's of Rocherfort 8, the Dupont session beer, and the most astonishingly good Tilquin Gueuze, among others. Even a box of fresh Thornbridge White Swan and Kipling! (This is what Barry should order for delivery.) The "new" edition of the GBG to Belgium helped with some suggestions for new places, as did r8beer's places listings--especially a real gem of a café in Leuven. Great, great little country, fabulous people. As always.
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