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OT: A New Pale Ale in Bavaria
Posted by barry on 2012-01-09 01:22:08
So much so that I'm trying to emulate it in my latest homebrew! Cheers to Don! What I really meant was (what a difficult medium this is)... that it's better for people to concentrate on doing well what they do well rather than fringing into other people's traditions. OK, so 150 years ago (or more), some clever devil discovered the principles of bottom fermentation and thus pilsner has come to dominate half (or more) of the world. But look at the lousy mess that most have made of this product. I can't see that a Bavarian brewed IPA is going to go down a storm but you can't stop people trying, I guess. Personally, I'm not going to travel half way round the world (except maybe to Seattle) or even to the Netherlands to try someone's experimental brew, no matter how good it. But I would travel to Franken or the Payottenland or even Koln and Dussldorf to sample something that has many years of tradition to back it up, even though experience has shown that disappointment is sometimes in store. Surely the US is different in that it doesn't really have a continuous indigenous local brewing tradition in most places, leaving brewers free to do what they like. Incidentally, is there any history of beeer and brewing among the native Americans?
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