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OT: A New Pale Ale in Bavaria
Posted by Nick B. on 2012-01-09 02:27:25
The US *had* the brewing traditions of its immigrants: English and Germanic. Prohibition laid waste to that, of course, and what arose from those ashes is perhaps best left unmentioned. Though lager brewing had mostly(?) replaced ale brewing, owing to technical advances and the distances involved in transporting finished beer. So, yes, everything's new in US brewing, at least in comparison. But to those who don't want the German brewing scene "contaminated" with non-German brewing traditions. Should Irish breweries only brew stout? Should American breweries *not* be allowed to brew Rauchbier or Kellerbier? Why then should German breweries *only* brew traditional German beers? The benefit of emigration and immigration of beer traditions should only be a one-way street? (Of course, maybe this is a straw-man argument, maybe nobody here would really argue this.)