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OT: A New Pale Ale in Barryia
Posted by Nick B. on 2012-01-05 05:58:46
Rousing the yeast is basically to stir her it up and rouse it from its slumber. I use my big stainless brewing spoon.o Interesting about Brits v. Britons, never heard that before. FWIW, people round here call you lot "Briten"...I'll tell you in person about other things they call you. Along the line of "limeys". I've found I suffer more when I consume too much lager (Franconian, filtered or non-filtered) of any sort than when I consume too much ale. Something in my constitution just doesn't agree with lager as well. Another reason why I'm so gung-ho on ale these days, despite living in Lagerland.
           OT: A New Pale Ale in Barryia by barry on  2012-01-05 06:44:36