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OT: A New Pale Ale in Barryia
Posted by barry on 2012-01-05 06:44:36
Sadly, the world is full of people who distinguish a person not by his/her worth but by their nationality, colour of skin, etc. You may have noticed that there are two big football controversies in England along these lines at the moment. A Briton is what I am, can't deny, was born there, have the T-shirt, etc. I'm not sure who invented the term 'Brit' or 'Brits' (probably came out of the 'troubles' in the north of Ireland) and was not intended to be complementary - in the same way, as I pointed out before, the term 'Mancs' for us Mancunians. So endeth the lesson! Sorry everyone but he did ask! Interesting about the difference in effects of beer. My digestion is a bit iffy (suffer from GORD) but any beer seems ok if it isn't over carbonated (unnaturally) or has these terrible additives that are supposed to aid longevity, give a better head, etc. In general, though, I tend to agree with you about naturally conditioned ale. When it isn't mucked about (some of the big brewers have a tendency to add stuff for above reasons), I suppose it's just about one of the purest food stuffs that one can buy as even the Reinheitsgebot doesn't forbid adding CO2.