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Brauereigaststätte Haberstumpf...Hops Scandal
Posted by Mark Andersen on 2012-02-09 05:42:39
Price of beer in a pub where I live is pretty high. The pub my wife and I visit once a week on average has Fuller's beer on tap for around $7 a pint. American beer like a Dogfish or Goose Island for about $6 and if want to save a little more but still drink something decent you can have a local beer like Cape Cod Beer or Mayflower for maybe around $5 (althought it's hard to justify spending $5 for a pint of Cape Cod when I can drive a few minutes to the brewery and refill a growler (jug) for about $7. But we like going to a pub occassionally so we pay. I keep trying to explain to my wife that we can't afford not to go to Franconia at least twice per year. The math justifies it. 2-3 nights at the local pub = almost a week drinking in Franconia. She keeps mentioning trivial things like airfare, who's going to run her business, and who's going to watch the dogs. I think I made progress last night though. She was listening to classical music on the radio and said to me "I didn't know Bamberg had a symphony orchestra. Why didn't you tell me!". "Oh we'll just have to go and check it out!" says I. "You can meet me at Cafe Abseits when it's over." (no I didn't say this last bit, although it crossed the mind). It helps to homebrew since I don't have to buy beer for the house very often although sometimes I still do when I see a bottle of something at the store that I want to try out. Right now I'm well stocked. I just racked 10 gallons of Brown Ale to secondary carboy last night, 5 gallons of smoked porter the night before, 5 gallons of Altbier ready to go into either the keg or cask, Maibock in primary fermentation, and some beer still left in my keg of Scottish ale. And I'm brewing again this weekend. The really mild weather here this winter has really been helpful to home beer production.
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