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Posted by barry on 2012-02-10 05:44:55
This is something that I discussed many times with Don S. I can't see why they don't use small casks (9 gallons or even 4.5 - if these are sizes available in USA). If kept in reasonable conditions, cask conditioned ale lasts about a week - surely most pubs could sell that amount? And its not that difficult as job - I volunteered to give lessons in cellar management, you only have to pay my airfare! There are lots of ways of keeping ale even in the least desirable conditions. My favourite pub in Bath (apart from my own!) was the Star, a little pub with several small rooms and famous for selling draught Bass straight from the barrel (was 20 years ago, anyway). They kept the barrels behind the bar and used chiller blankets to keep them cool. They also used cask breathers to maintain condition, something that me and Camra don't like. However, the small amount of CO2 that permeated the ale was still preferable to keg beer.
                           Draught Bass by Nick B. on  2012-02-10 08:07:23
                             Draught Bass by Uncle Jimbo on  2012-02-10 14:18:10