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Braukunst Live München: English Beers
Posted by Nick B. on 2012-04-14 03:14:30
The massive disappointment: no cask-conditioned stuff. Ah well, it was too much to hope for. The following English beers will be available bottled: Fuller's --------- London Pride ESB London Porter 1845 India Pale Ale Organic Honeydew Golden Pride Vintage Ale Samuel Smith ------------- Imperial Stout India Ale Organic Best Taddy Porter Old Brewery Pale Ale Nut Brown Ale Organic Cherry Fruitbeer Organic Raspberry Fruitbeer Organic Strawberry Fruitbeer Robinsons ---------- Chocolate Tom Ginger Tom Old Tom Original Strong Ale St. Austell ------------ HSD Tribute Proper Job (IPA) Admiral's Ale Smugglers (Vintage Ale) Sierra Nevada (Kalifornien, nicht England) -------------- Pale Ale Torpedo Fuller's London Pride will also be on draught, CO2 keg.
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