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Braukunst Live München: Friday
Posted by Nick B. on 2012-04-24 07:04:15
There was a fair bit on Twitter, from myself and others. The Hofbräu beer was up against some stiff competition and IMO did not do well at all. Fritz of FritzAle up near Köln or some such savage place is a very nice guy and the couple of his Yank-inspired beers I tried were outstanding, if you like that sort of thing. Robbies only had bottles of Chocolate Tom, Ginger Tom (I liked it and "I don't like ginger beer"), and of course Old Tom. The keg Fullers was actually ESB, which I felt obliged to have but then couldn't finish 100 ml. St. Austell Proper Job is an excellent IPA, especially down around 5.5%. Even bottled. Their standard Tribute bitter is "twiggy" as the kids say these days about such beers. The new Austrian Trappistbier was bloody rich, but strong. I really liked the Italian BrewFist stand and the brewer. Exceptionally good beers in the American post-modern theme, though not "extreme" beers. And he brought TWO BEER ENGINES. < > Okay, he freely admitted they weren't really cask-conditioned beers, just kegged ones, but still, they were in fine shape. Note the swan necks but no sparklers; he brewed at Fullers and is a die-hard southerner. (That's not him in the photo with Gerhard though.) < > And I drank *way* too much; not used to all that strong beer any more. Jan had to leave pretty early to get back to Switzerland. I'll be back if there's different beer next year, but otherwise...not sure.
                         Braukunst Live München: Friday by TreinJan on  2012-04-24 11:18:35