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Klosterbrauerei Marienweiher closed
Posted by Nick B. on 2012-05-20 04:07:53
Very well played! Though in my defence, I haven't been looking for new breweries to explore that are farther away than a good bike tour for a fairly long time now. I reckon Marienweiher has probably been listed for less then five years. Yesterday was absolutely splendid: 2+ hours' ride to Geisfeld, where Griess Kellerbier continues to be the best of the season. Roppelt's just isn't right this year. Not hoppy enough, as *others* have told *me*. Splendid weather, tour, and Kellerbier. The incident with the drunken young motorcyclist who'd parked in the middle of the bike path on the edge of Strullendor was *not* splendid. He's lucky we didn't have more time to spend or we'd have had the police after him, after he chased us down for my wife's bike mirror having bumped his mirror whilst riding by. In the US we have "road rage". Here, "bike path rage". Today, probably Witzgall. What can I say: the missus really likes the place and we know a few people there.
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