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Ampferbacher Keller (URL)
Posted by Nick B. on 2012-05-23 01:38:20
Huh. Have to get the maps updated to include both. Got my route programmed in the GPS, probably depart at 12.00, hopefully to arrive by opening time. Wait. What does Fred always say? Right. Call ahead to verify they're open. From 14.00, if it doesn't rain. Not supposed to rain today.
                                     Ampferbacher Keller (URL) by Jürgen Wening on  2012-05-23 03:47:56
                                       Herrmann's Keller ist auf! by Nick B. on  2012-05-23 06:51:56
                                         Herrmann's Keller ist auf! by Jürgen Wening on  2012-05-23 08:12:27
                                           Herrmann's Keller ist auf! by Nick B. on  2012-05-23 14:19:38