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Where do I find these German beers?
Posted by Nick B. on 2012-06-17 23:55:31
Oh, dear. Session-strength is 4.8+%? Well, to Bavarians, yes. W.r.t. the miserable state of brewing and consuming beer in Germany at large (not including the small Franconian brewers!), there was a very good show about what's going wrong on public TV recently, which I failed to record live, but which is archived online at present. Discussion of the show and where to see it now are at this blog post in English: < > and there's another discussion in German here: < > Nothing really new there, just a good summary for Josef Sechsträger to get an idea of why his Bitburger ain't what it used to be.
         Where do I find these German beers? by DonS on  2012-06-18 07:51:58