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Where do I find these German beers?
Posted by DonS on 2012-06-18 07:51:58
Watched the ZDF "Hops and Malts Lost" show just last week, yes, and have read both Rob Sterowski's blog entry (good, accurate summation) and the Lieblingsbier (Felix vom Endt) report and, btw, its very good followup: Not to mention a Die Welt article from last May: True, nothing new here, but to see this on one of Germany's primary nationwide network channels is refreshing. The program had but half an hour to state its case, so there are details missing and continuity lacking. Is it analogous to the dire situation of American brewing ca. 35 years ago? Sort of, but not quite. At its nadir in the 1970s, you could count the number if interesting USA-made beers on the fingers of one hand, and might even have still had fingers left over. Closer to Germany, neighboring countries like Denmark, Austria, and the Netherlands also saw increasing consolidation and homogenization of product lines. Now? Changes. Good changes. Changes the hidebound "Josef Sechsträger" will probably ignore, just like his Joe Sixpack counterpart in the USA has, but is doing so increasingly less. As far as really unique and traditional beer in Germany goes, try getting Josef Sechsträger to "enjoy" a Grätzer, Gose, or Lichtenhainer Weisse. Good luck with that!