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Eschawo and elsewhere - trip report
Posted by TreinJan on 2012-08-17 11:27:32
As promised, Barry. First evening for some Ebbelwoi (cider) in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen. Had all as Sauergespritztes, meaning diluted with sparkling water - good idea as the weather was hot. Onto Eschawo the next day. Nice appartment. Had all available Zoigl beers in Eschawo and Neuhaus over the 10 days: Loistl, Weisser Schwan, Posterer, Schoilmichl, Sausewind, Oberpfalzer Hof, Fiedlschneider, Schafferhof, Beim Käck'n, Wolframstub'n, Würth. Last two are from their respectives breweries, not Kommunbrau-Zoigl. Outside Eschawo I drank Zoigl or beer called Zoigl in Weiden (Brauwirt), Vohenstrauss (d'Eisenbahn), Marktredwitz (Goldenen Löwen), Flossenbürg (Stromhias), Altenstadt (Alter Pfarrhof), Falkenberg (Wolfadl and Roter Ochse), Mitterteich (Lugert) and Neustadt (Waldhauser). Furthermore I got hold of some bottles of Rebhuhn-Zoigl from Eslarn, and also had a bottle of Pirker Zoigl. Besides these I had a beer at Lindner Bräu, Bad Kötzting. Bought a few bottles of different types of Schnapps in Bad Kötzting and Arrach, and also in Erbendorf (Schraml, incl. a very good Zoigl-Brand). Among the non beery activities were: a visit to the KTB (Continental Deep Drilling) tower and to the Flossenbürg Concentration camp Memorial site. Plus a look around the shop of the Nachtmann Kristallglas Factory outlet in Neustadt (they also own Spiegelau and are now a part of Riedel). Being there for a longer time meant more relaxation: I had made a list of possible visits and the days they could be made, incl. possible combinations. Some I did, some not or on another day - not much time pressure. (more to follow)
   Eschawo and elsewhere - trip report by barry on  2012-08-17 12:41:11
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