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Eschawo and elsewhere - trip report
Posted by TreinJan on 2012-08-18 12:13:08
The Zoigl I liked best was probably K├Ąck'n, Neuhaus. All the others were quite drinkable to good. Schafferhof was good but for a harsh bitterness. Schoilmichl was also good. In Eschawo itself Roud'n was okay, but could be better according to Charly. Posterer was good but a little to gassy. Oberpf. Hof did not impress me in the past, was quite good this time. Weisser Schwan was good, Waldnaabtal (Sausewind Zoigl) was okay (but their food is the best). Wolframstub'n is a different beer altogether, much less hop-forward but quite okay for lunch. The Rebhuhn-Zoigl (bottle) from Eslarn is also completely different, but I liked it very much. Both Wolfadl at Falkenberg and Lugert in Mitterteich tasted good.
       Eschawo and elsewhere - trip report by barry on  2012-08-18 12:34:51