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Tchibo Mobilnetz USB Stick
Posted by Nick B. on 2012-08-28 23:13:07
Met up with Jacqueline and Barry at Roppelt's Keller yesterday, where the beer is indeed back to a fine form after a long run of being "meh". They arrived on Monday right on schedule, using a Bayern Ticket to get from Memmingen to Forchheim in 5 hours or so, without delays or other problems despite several transfers along the way *and* the engineering works currently being done on the line between Fürth and Erlangen. And they got a Tchibo USB Dingla, which they showed me, but hadn't yet tried it with their computer. Had a lovely chat with Kellermates Uschi, Gerhard, Karin and Hermann. Their Ferienwohnung is a mile from the quirky Schweizer Keller (St. Georgenbräu), not "300 meters" as Kellermates Uschi & Gerhard suggested: <,+Am+Schwedengraben,+Forchheim&daddr=Rotbrunner+Stra%C3%9Fe+8&z=15 > Worth a visit IMO, just because it's right near by and is a bit odd. < > Barry, if you're online, I think today will see me heading to Geisfeld, as it's been a relatively long time since I've been, and today's the last nice day this week. We bantered quite a bit about this and that yesterday, but didn't really get around to discussing what all Barry & Mrs should do whilst here. A couple of "musts" from me: + Br. Aichinger in Heiligenstadt (possibly also Br. Ott in Unterleinleiter) by bus 221 from Ebermannstadt and 975 from Bamberg, though not very convenient times + Pottenstein by bus 389 Anyone else?
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