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Other suggestions for Barry?
Posted by Nick B. on 2012-09-01 04:08:48
No one? Following is excerpted from email just sent: Bus 205 runs from Erlangen to Röttenbach and Aisch, where Br. Sauer and Rittmayer (not the same as Rittmayer in Hallerndorf!) are located. The former has liberal Öffnungszeiten, the latter shite: 9 - 14.30 and then from 17.00 on, closed Mondays. ***And it's closed until 6 September.*** Sauer's Exportbier is nice enough, and it's a funny little place RIGHT at the bus stop. Rittmayer's helles Hausbräu is fantastic though, served bayerisch Anstich. suggests you could take the 12.49 bus from Erlangen Hauptbahnhof and get to Aisch by 13.23, allowing time for a couple of excellent Seidlas before 14.21 departure back to ER, stopping off at Sauer in Röttenbach. Greater flexibility is possible if you walk the 1 km from Aisch to Adelsdorf Marktplatz Haltestelle, with its more regular service. < > Don't need Jürgen to tell you there's more to Franken than Bamberg! ;) Have you been to Hirschaid and Br. Kraus? Not my favourite, but worth a visit. Karin and Herrmann also really like the Hääschada (?) Keller near the Autobahn, a mile from Hirschaid Bf. I like the quirkiness of the *place*, but the bayerisch Anstich Mahr's I can take or leave. They apparently no longer pour Kraus Lager. < > The Buttenheimer places are a good mile from the Bahnhof but also worth visiting. < > We'll PROBABLY be at Witzgall Sunday, and if so, by 15.30 or so, not staying "long". Karin & Herrmann, when they're there, normally leave with the 16.30 bus IIRC. If it doesn't turn sunny and 22° like it's supposed to though, we probably won't go. Ale I can drink in any weather, for Lager I need at least 20°. Also, on weekend evenings, the Blaue Maus in Neuses might be of interest: Franconian whisky. < > There are a couple of CO2 beers (Mönchshofer Schwarzbier, very drinkable IMO) in the naval-themed cellar bar there, worth experiencing IMO.
     Br. Sauer in Röttenbach: Urlaub bis 16 Sept by Nick B. on  2012-09-03 23:05:16