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Tchibo surfstick
Posted by barry on 2012-08-31 23:56:08
This is a question for Jan but may be of interst to anyone thinking of buying a surfstick! I got a message from Tchibo saying: Lieber Kunde, in K├╝rze erreichen Sie das Datenvolumen (aktuell ca. 80% ), bei dem wir Ihre Surfgeschwindigkeit entsprechend den Tarifbedingungen reduzieren. As I understand, this is saying that I have used 80% of my data volume (not sure how!) and that my speed will be reduced according to the conditions of my tariff. Did you get this message and did it affect performance at all?
   Tchibo surfstick by barry on  2012-09-01 01:04:51
     Tchibo surfstick by TreinJan on  2012-09-01 01:30:28
       Tchibo surfstick by barry on  2012-09-01 01:56:09
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