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Tchibo surfstick
Posted by Nick B. on 2012-09-04 09:13:39
Erlangen what...Tchibo, yes, that's where I'd enquire about the 5 GB package. Or where you should bring your netbook...everywhere you go! If the weather forecast holds, maybe Erlangen Mon or Tue? Rode through the Keller complex there today just to make sure I remembered correctly where the bus stop is relative to the Keller(s) where we can sit and drink proper Erlanger Bier. (and maybe one or two not from Erlangen) Bus 289 from Erlangen Hauptbahnhof to Esserbacher Straße, then a few dozen metres to scads of empty tables. (Jürgen is welcome too!)
                   Tchibo surfstick by barry on  2012-09-05 03:58:43
                     Tchibo surfstick by Nick B. on  2012-09-05 04:24:55