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Forchheim update 5
Posted by Nick B. on 2012-09-14 02:34:08
Vielen Dank! You're much too kind. Thanks also for the discussion and helpful feedback the other day. I've started calling the dark beer a "half-PNW-porter/stout" rather than a "mild" because it is simply too hoppy to be called a mild. 20-25 years ago, brewpubs and microbreweries in Oregon started brewing stouts using local citric hops --and lots of them-- which results in a different sort of stout to Guinness, either the regular 4% or the strong bottled Export. A group of us homebrewers created the category "PNW Stout" in competitions to allow such beers to be judged independently from proper stouts. Mine is probably more of a porter than a stout since I don't use and *roast* malt, just chocolate and dark crystal. Further, we "stylistos" (as opposed to "style n-zis") distinguish between "brown" and "robust" porter, the former sweeter, the latter, well, more robust. So mine might best be described as a "robust PNW half-porter". Not sure what else to call a 3% abv, hoppy, dark brown ale. But it *must* be callsed *something*. We did have one single-hopped beer, the half-IPA with Australian Galaxy hops. Thanks for hitting the nail on the head with that: it's a fruity hoppiness, but soft. To me, it's just kind of a wrong combination. I think such citric-fruity hops need a harder background. I do brew single-hopped beers sometimes, but just haven't done so in a while. I *generally* do like how 2 or 3 varieties work together. Pity I had no Nelson Sauvin Kiwi-Hopfen around for you to try; that's another interesting one. Which reminds me. I think we all agreed that the single-hopped Mallinson's beer with Japanese Sorachi Ace hops (3.9%, golden, bitter & hoppy) was the oddest thing ever. I really don't like the hop variety, but I've been told to try it in a dark beer. Which I guess I will someday. The other Mallinson's I brought along was a Centennial single-hopped 4% golden ale/half-IPA for comparison with my Chinook/Centennial 3% one. It, like most *bottled* Mallinson's beers I've had, threw off quite a bit of esters (bubble gum fruitiness) which is completely absent in their lovely, lovely cask beers. I would probably say I try to emulate Mallinson's beers over any others -- both the blond and the dark brown. For all the discussion of hop bitterness and flavour, it should be noted that Barry has an extremely impressive tolerance for lambic sourness: the Tilquin Gueuze is nearly too sour for me, but phased him not in the least.
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