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Forchheim update 5
Posted by barry on 2012-09-14 03:49:04
Thanks for filling in the details! A combination of failing memory and over-enthusiastic tasting led to my shortcomings. Must try to get some cask Mallinson's - if the bottled stuff was anything to go by, it's worth looking for. But agree about Sorachi hopped beer, very odd taste and not one I'd like to sample again. There seems to me a difference between lambic/gueze sourness and hoppy bitterness. I've drunk and liked a fair bit of the former and really like it. And, whereas J. does not like lambic/gueze (she refused the Tilquin), she merrily drank her way through all of Nick's hoppy brews, though finding some a little extreme for her taste. Probably heading for town this pm, as might hope to find Brauerei Greif open. If not, a last round up would not come amiss.
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