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Posted by Nick B. on 2012-10-17 00:13:02
According to they had their last day on Thursday, so I missed it. Ah well, I was at the annual real ale festival in Nottingham that day, located on the castle grounds. < > There were an amazing 1060+ cask-conditioned beers, supposedly the largest number ever gathered in one place and time anywhere in the world. < > < > < > < > < > first page of my list of beers to try, sorted by alcohol content starting at 2.8%. There were 21 under 3.7%. I got through about 24 third-pint samples in a 5 or 6 hours. Simply amazing, it was. A few of those were not great beers, but every one of them was in excellent condition. Really, a very impressive effort. £12.50 got you entrance, a refundable glass, and 14 beer tickets. All the <4% beers I drank were 2 tickets per third pint, here was a splendid dark mild. < > Then a stop into what's supposedly the oldest pub in England, Ye Old Trip to Jerusalem, dating from the late 12th century, carved into the rock at the base of the castle. And into the Canal House, which is a pub with a canal boat parked in the middle of it down on the canal, on the way to the train station. So not a complete loss of a day despite missing out on free Kellerbier. It did rain in the afternoon though, driving me into the shelter of the tents. Someone took some photos of Roppelt's last day, and hey, who's that? < > Photos 6 show other friendly regulars, Felix & his gal Trudi(sp?), though my mate Andreas was apparently camera shy as ever. And Frau Roppelt (Franz's mum) is on the left in photo 7, his sister on the right, with my Dad's Doppelgänger (beard and everything) in between. And Franz, of course, in #13. Pity that the weather THIS week would be so nice for further Keller life. < >
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