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Keller life
Posted by DonS on 2012-10-18 11:13:23
As far as Eschawo and Zoiglland go, spread the news. They need the money. A mere hour and a half away, in Bamberg, the economy is strong, and jobs are going begging for qualified applicants, while in Zoiglland, those porcelain and glass factory shutdowns have been pretty tough for the locals. Charly K won't have a problem, as his job is nearly recession-proof. Mind you, on 3rd October, I doubt you would have found lodgings anywhere nearby; there were a _lot_ of people from elsewhere, but in this context, "elsewhere" means other bits of Germany. We seemed to be the lone (North) Americans. I'm sure the three local hotels were quite booked up, not to mention the various local FeWo and Zimmer Frei lodgings. Speaking of which, Fiedlschneider's owners, the K├Âllners, have fitted what looks like a rather pleasant FeWo too, and at quite a reasonable nightly rate. I rather like Charly's place though, as it's reasonably quiet.