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I'm Back in Bamberg
Posted by Fred Waltman on 2012-12-02 17:36:43
I've been staying at Frau Alberts on and off for nearly 10 years (March 2003 when I spent 3 weeks in the little apartment Jimbo is in). I highly recommend her apartments. The apartments are nicely furnished, have a phone and wired internet (free calls within Germany), cable TV, etc. etc. She has at least 5 apartments in the building, including one that is quite large (would do for a long term place). It was a little better when Klosterbräu had better beer, as it is practically around the corner :) Convenient for late night drinking at Stöhrenkeller as you can practically roll down hill and you're home :) There is a bike room and she used to provide a couple bikes for use but they were not in such shape that I'd do anything other than ride around town.
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