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I'm Back in Bamberg
Posted by Nick B. on 2012-12-04 01:47:28
"I don't trust the bus connection from Hirschaid." Really? Can't imagine why! Take a taxi to save on time, you mean? The timing for me from Erlangen (12.17) and you two from Bamberg (12.20) is quite reasonable. You two could use a TagesticketPlus for the train and the bus back from Stiebarlimbach. Looking at, that's pretty damned frequent bus service from Bamberg to Straßgiech! Hmmm... Taking the bus from Stiebarlimbach to Forchheim then train to Bamberg and bus to Straßgiech is not quick, but a taxi back to Hirschaid and then with the train and bus from there to Straßgiech is not at all bad.
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