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Posted by Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on 2019-02-01 06:36:07
Heh...allow me to hijack the discussion. I lost my German driver's license in Minneapolis at Christmas 2017. I dropped it, as opposed to having it taken from me, I mean. When I got to Las Vegas, I went to the German Consulate, thinking they could help me out. have to RETURN TO GERMANY to get a replacement. (He also told me about how the Mormons are taking over Nevada politics, criminalizing prostitution...but I digress...)

So, since I had decided to stay for a bit, I resolved to get myself a Nevada license. The permit card was easy enough via written test (though it took weeks to arrive in the post IIRC), but the license...ridiculous. There is a 6-week backlog when you apply online to take the driver's test, which was necessary in my case because I wasn't surrenduring a valid US or other license.

There is a "standby" list if you go in person, in case someone doesn't show up for their appointment. But people CAMP OUT OVERNIGHT to be first in line, and whenever I went an hour or so before it would open, I would end up about 12th in line. And they normally don't get through 10 or 11 in a day. 

Long story short, I never got one. And I eventually lost my permit card, and never managed to get it replaced, though my passport, which went missing at the same time, did turn up again. When you think YOUR DMV has problems, be thankful you never have to deal with Nevada's. And don't even THINK about complaining about the German equivalent; they do a remarkable job.

Anyway...I never got round to travelling back here to get my Fuehrerschein replaced til September. And it took two visits, spanning two hours or so over a week. But...I flew from LV to Toronto, had an afternoon there, then a stop in Halifax.

DO NOT STOP IN HALIFAX. They be strange. And it tends to fog in, which it did the night I was laid over, and so my flight from there to FRA was subsequently delayed. I think it ended up being 36 hours or so. And there USED to be a direct flight from LV to FRA. 

Anyway, only a few thousand dollars for a replacement license. Well, that and some other things I had to clear up. I got stopped numerous times whilst driving without a license in Vegas, and only got a ticket once, even with no valid plates on the car. I guess that's Driving While White. No, not a guess, I know it is.

The legal trouble I ran into...a very strange couple of cases. It was fun, actually, when I got pulled over a couple of times, watching the cops scroll through my info on their monitors --pointing and laughing-- and then they would simply hand me back my passport, and send me on my way.

Someday, I'll get around to writing my whole story up. People seem interested in it, when I tell bits of it. Even hardened Vegas natives. One Uber(sic) driver said she'd stand in line for hours for it. We'll see.
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