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Posted by Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on 2019-02-05 02:16:28
Meh. It is what it is. I've been on the internet since before the WWW existed, and in all that time, I have usually taken a sort of half-serious -to- antagonistic role. In the process, I have posted all kinds of stuff that might have been off-the-wall to some. And I never used to use emoticons or smileys or whatever. It was up to the reader to determine whether I was being serious or not.

So, maybe some of that applies to what people may have read of what I tweeted back then. At any rate, I'm still with my wife, for the time being, though that may well change quickly. We've been together since 1991, and change is difficult. But she is very understanding.

Whatever you might read in the press about what press didn't get certain key things right. The security people at the casino in question was out to get me (crazy as that sounds) for some reason. Or they are incompetent. Or both. And the police only acted on what they told them. It will all come out in time.

I took a plea deal to get out of dealing with the expense and stress of a trial by a jury of my peers who would likely have turned out to be batpoop crazy themselves and want to simply put a middle-aged white guy with an anger management problem away, especially after the Oct 1 2017 mass shooting there. (Or the jury might have been dominated by disadvantaged African-American single mothers...that would've worked out much better.)

Anyway, thanks for being non-judgemental! I have to write it all down as part of processing it all. So it doesn't get forgotten, and to stop my worrying about it all getting forgotten.