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Franconia's Reputation in Aachen
Posted by Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on 2019-03-17 02:28:49
So in the course of banter in various taverns in Aachen, I got a feel for what people know (or don't) about Franconia, its beer, and Bierkellerkultur. And that is, not much. 

Which I guess isn't that surprising. Does the average German from one part of the country go to another part of the country on holiday? I would suggest not so much, since Germans are supposedly the world champion international tourists, meaning, they leave their country on holiday more than people of any other country.

Why that would be...well, they get lots of paid days off (look it up), earn a lot (ditto), and have apparently always done this to some extent or other more than others. And they are simply fairly well-adjusted people (3 years of Kindergarten, manslaughter rate 1/6th of the US, independent of weapon type), genuinely interested in experiencing new places and cultures. 

Anyway, I've been doing my part, recommending Forchheim and the fraenkische Scwheiz to any and all who will listen, going on about how great the diversity of rustic sorts of beer is (hopefully not to the point of becoming the proverbial beer bore that can plague British pubs)  and of course that it runs for maybe EUR4 / the country anyway. (What WAS the price at Roppelt's last year, my first year away since 2005?)

And then there's the food. A massive slab of Schaeuferla (which some have heard of) for ridiculously cheap, same goes for Haxe. And Nuernberger Bratwuerstchen...there's a tavern on the Marktplatz that sells a half dozen with sides for nearly EUR15 in Aachen.

The story from a few years back, about how a certain employee of the fraenkische Schweiz tourist board had suggested that taverns might want to ask for a Euro or two more for the Schaeufe(r)la to help keep places in business, and the backlash among the common folk...anyway, Geiz ist geil. Thriftiness is tremendous.

But in general, people here just don't seem to think of the region at all, let alone as a holiday destination. At least the ones I've been running into, swilling their filthy Bitburger for EUR6 a litre or more.

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