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Franconia's Reputation in Aachen
Posted by Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on 2019-03-18 01:01:59
    Excellent points. Ah well, I don't think one lone voice in the wilderness (me) will make much of a difference. Nor are the notoriously stubborn (yes, I'm using that word, sue me...but I don't mean it in a negative way) Germans likely to change their ideas about where to go on holiday...IIRC Franz Roppelt does Spain every year. 

But then...I thought with the breweries dying out...don't we WANT them to get as much business as possible? Don't we WANT more Germans to come enjoy Franconia? Torn. I'm waffling here. 

I'd rather have the places crowded with Germans than Yanks and Britons, I guess.

A bit of "not in my backyard" maybe?

At any rate, it's fun explaining to Germans about one of the nicest bits of their lovely country which they'd never thought of before.
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