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Maibock saisonbiere Franken
Posted by Gerhard Schoolmann on 2019-04-24 09:06:29
Only a minority of franconian breweries offer a pale spring bock. Some breweries offer instead p.e. a red spring bock (Greifenklau) or wheat bocks (after ashwednesday). You can say the breweries hesitate to offer spring bocks or brew not so many liters because they fear warm weather. Or they name it Maibock but launch these beers in February, March or April.

Kundmüller offers a pale bock, which is available the whole year, and a seasonal Rauchbock, brewed in last automn,  and a wheat bock. Maybe strong ales are available, brewed together with Fat Head.

The Cafe Abseits taps now Meinel-Bräu Maischätzla, a modern spring bock hopped with
Comet, Spalt Spalter und Ahtanum, very fruity (IPL)
In May we tap the Mönchsambacher Maibock, then change to Hummel-Bräu Maibock.
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