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Personal Interests (was Maibock saisonbiere Franken)
Posted by Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on 2019-05-14 02:12:11
I forget where I met Mads...Roppelt's Keller? I suspect he's not new to Franconia or its beer culture, since he lives in a neighboring country and has been drinking beer a while, and is not a young kid. Who else was there...the Danish Formula One guy, right? Was a very nice short session...I wouldn't say that they couldn't have gotten an appreciation for the Bierkellerkultur there that day.

AFA sitting in a place for hours and soaking up the culture...meh. Been there, done that. There are precious few places I could imagine sitting around in for more than an hour or two. BUT THAT'S JUST ME!!!!

Me, well, I've kind of gone all over the place with beery interests. I was a star homebrewer in Oregon back in the 90's and judged beer along side Fred Eckhardt and Michael Jackson (both RIP), after having been clean and sober from age 17 to 27. Then Mrs & I took our first European trip to Brugge for 10 days, mainly for the specialist beer cafe culture in like 1999, and within 5 years uprooted ourselves to Franconia for a new European way of life, of which the Bierkultur was, yes, a big part.

Fred Eckhardt...What a life he lived.

Then discovering proper cask ale on trips to England & Wales, taking up homebrewing again to brew Boy's Bitter, &c, which I couldn't get locally, and eventually now basically being done with beer. 

Yes, it's all about what people want to make of their precious time off, hobbies, and interests. I've never understood the near hostility that some people have to the ratebeerians. It's just a hobby!