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Franken in May
Posted by Jeff on 2019-05-03 09:56:40
I am planning on returning to the Bamberg area May.  I would love to have pint or 2 with anyone who might be in the area.  Jason and Rainer, I am talking to you!  I will have a car and driver and room for a person or 2 if anyone is interested.. My tentative plans are not nearly as aggressive as Kim's or Mad's.  On Thursday May 16 I want to head north of town and stop at Schroll, Golden Alder and possibly others in the area.  On Friday, head South to Hofmann and then over to Witzgall and Roppelt and possibly the nearby kellers.  I plan to stay closer to Bamberg on Saturday making it to Eichhorn and possibly a trip to Memmelsdorf and Merkendorf.  If the weather looks bad on Friday I may switch the Friday/Saturday agenda.

I also plan to make the evening rounds in Bamberg.  I am staying in Wunderburg not far from Mahrs and Keesman.
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