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Franken in May
Posted by rainer on 2019-05-07 02:06:23
Hi Jeff, nice to read from you. So far this year the weather was not good for Kellers and beergardens. It was early, when the beergardens were still closed, warm and beautiful. When all Kellers opened at the end of April, it became unstable and cold. This weather is still going on. I hope you have more luck next week! I do not know yet if I can manage to meet you. As you know, when I drink beer, I prefer to hike or cycle. Both are certainly too time-consuming for the few days you have in Franconia. I'll send you an email with my phonenumber, so you can write (WhatsApp, Telegram...) me where you are right now.
By the way: Schroll in Reckendorf has closed on Thursday (Ruhetag), as well as Witzgall in Schlammersdorf.( - X means "closed")