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Crisp-bitter & biscuity recommendations
Posted by YRN on 2019-05-30 05:56:29
Bewohner, apologies - apparently I've formulated my quest that unclear you were forced to jump to unjust assumptions. I hadn't even mentioned hops in the question, yikes.

There is a huge range of diversity in Franconian style Keller/Land/Zwickls. Whereas ingredients are mostly the same, there are distinct differences between many beers cherished by the fact that the classifaction system doesn't so much describe flavour, but process. It's not uncommon to hear locals say that so-and-so beer is ie too bitter, too sulfury, too dry, too malty, .. for their tastes while they gulp their own local. Isn't the whole pride of Franconia that breweries often have very unique profiles compared to the eversameness of "Craft Bier"? I agree and therefore I ask.

Examples of beers of interest I mentioned:
Witzgall, Roppelt, Hartleb, Knoblach, Scharpf, Griess, Gradl.

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We had a good laugh reading your respond :D
But would still be curious for recommendations.
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