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Crisp-bitter & biscuity recommendations
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2019-06-01 02:25:09
I have been to all of those breweries, most with the admirable (or Admiral?) Juergen.  I seem to recall that Juergen wasn't enthusiastic about stopping at Elch but I sort of forced his hand after we'd found Alt at Dietzhof 'urlaub' and even Juergen couldn't charm the lady into letting us in - a rare failure!

Anyway, I remember Elch as a fairly homely place, quite crowded but they squeezed us in.  I think the beer was pretty decent; it surprised J a little bit, if I remember correctly.  I seem to recall eating something as well, which wasn't really a big part of our beer expeditions.  Meister has been commented on but to add that the bar doesn't open now.  I think someone told me that you can buy bottles from a machine and sit in the garden - or paddle in the river!  Nikl, see Mark's comments - it's nice to see the brewery while you're drinking but I didn't find the beer very interesting.

I been to Reblitz a few times, usually after a visit to Wiesen, on a walk or bike ride from Ebensfeld (I actually fell off a bike coming back from one of those visits), but it's also an easy walk from Bad Staffelstein.  It's an a nice place, quite food orientated but it's easy just to sit on the terrace and drink beer.  The brewer is pretty inventive and it's one of the few lager breweries that also brew its own Weizen (perhaps my least favourite beer - if it is really beer, IMHO).  I also shared a Rogen beer with Andy Harvey - well, actually, had a few sips of it - again, IMHO, it was horrible but, then, I am a bit of traditionalist (what, you say?).

Hoh was another place that I visited with Juergen.  We certainly tried the Dunkel, which was excellent, and I think another beer - maybe a Pilsner? Something a bit different, anyway, which was also ok.  Didn't try the chicken: we are both vegetarian! 

Finally, Hartmann: one of my first country pub visits, quite a few years ago, with Don and Cherie.  Not really my kind of place; think Drei Kronen in Memmelsdorf.  The beer was pretty good at that time, specially the Rauch, but, as Mark said, Jason told us that they don't brew any more.  Maybe you'd like to go and confirm?  (Actually, I remember that I went a second time with Don - a few years later.  Nice garden and ok beer). 

But, from my memory, none of these places had beer with a 'crisp-bitter and biscuity' taste.  In fact, I'm struggling to think of a Franken beer that really meets that description - sounds much more ale-like to me.  Perhaps you could give us a few examples?

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