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Wolfram-Bräu Wolframs-E.
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2019-06-05 01:45:17
Juergen: I'm pretty sure that I remember going through Wolfram-Eschenbach during one of our beer tours, a couple of years ago (I think that we were on our way to Tirschenreuth, bars in quarries, etc.!).  It had a large building that I think you said was used for storing hops or something like that?  Of course, its congruity to the name of a town in the Oberpfalz stuck in my mind!

I remember that it looked a lovely place - well worth a longer visit one day!  
         Wolfram-Bräu Wolframs-E. by Jason  on  2019-06-05 04:52:22
           Wolfram-Bräu Wolframs-E. by Andrew H on  2019-06-08 08:44:49