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Wolfram-Bräu Wolframs-E.
Posted by Jason on 2019-06-05 04:52:22
Funnliy enough, my parents managed to inadvertantly visit on the weekend. They had mentioned a place we'd been before that they wanted to visit - Merkendorf. Assuming they would know I wouldn't drive over an hour past Nuremberg, I didn't clarify anything more. They put it into the Satnav and set off to visit Merkendorf (neben Wolframs. E), not Memmelsdorf. 

They said they enjoyed their visit, it was indeed a nice town, and had a nice meal in a local restaurant in Wolframs Eschenbach as there was a fest going on in (the other) Merkendorf and it was too busy. 

And I haven't even visited yet! 
           Wolfram-Bräu Wolframs-E. by Andrew H on  2019-06-08 08:44:49