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The Final Answer (was Your 4 fondest Franconian beers)
Posted by Jason on 2019-07-04 01:34:51
Just a note on the 'top 2'. Even as someone who lives here, I visit Gradl maybe 1-2 times a year and Spielbach 2-3 times per year. Juergen visits Spielbach more of course. I think there's a bit of romanticism involved here (nothing wrong with that), as with Heckel which has developed a cult status that it doesn't really want. When I was there with Mark et al a few months ago the beer was fine, but on balance not mind blowing (should it be? another question). The place was great of course.  It's just a feeling. 

Not sure where I'm going with this. Witzgall is fine, but honestly I was drinking it out the bottle last weekend on a football training camp... it's ok (better on draft) but I'm not visiting often. Knoblach is way overrated IMO. Griess deserves to be in that list, as does Sonnenbraeu Muersbach. Martin in Hausen deserves to be higher. Leicht as well, it's an extremely consistent product, though the pub is lacking in atmosphere. I really like Scharpf, but again, it's so hard to get to without a car I don't get there often. 

I guess my point earlier is that 'hard to reach' places tend to be judged differently and romantiscised. And as visitors get 'used' to the places closer to and in Bamberg they are more attracted to these harder to reach places. That doesn't always make them better. 

But then it's only a bit of fun. 
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