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The Final Answer (was Your 4 fondest Franconian beers)
Posted by Barry Roy Taylor on 2019-07-04 11:07:09
Strange, not a vote for Schwanne in Ebing, nor Hellmuth in Wiesen - what happened to the best Pilsner beer in Germany?  Certainly no votes for perhaps the best brewery in the world across the oradand justifiably so.  And what its proprietor would make of this little list that includes a lot of very respected and experienced enthusiasts - pronably very little as the money rolls in

There;s just too many good beers for this competition for it to be meaningful.

Incidentally, a recent visit by two of the above suggested that the beers of Mueller, Debring were much better than those of Muhlendorf.  ISHO.
                     The Final Answer (was Your 4 fondest Franconian beers) by Doug on  2019-07-04 17:57:56