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OT: A day out in the Allgäu
Posted by Jason on 2019-07-06 10:03:34
Today I visited Klosterbrauerei Irsee near Kaufbeuren. A bit expensive and touristy but very pleasant place with excellent beer and some of the most beautiful Krugs and glasses I’ve come across. The Starkbier was excellent. 

Then to the zoigl brewery in Kaufbeuren. In terms of authenticity, this is almost more ‘authentic’ than the ‘real’ thing. Excellent replica of a Oberpfälzer Stub’n, even with that meaty smell. The beer was quite dark, poured from a sole tap in the corner. Typical zoigl co2 levels, quite malty but also a little odd. A sign told that it was brewed at the end of April and has been lagered since then. For me that might be too long, as it had almost no sweetness to it, although as said it was quite dark. The hops came through to add to the bitterness of the malt. If it just kept the malt sweetness it would have been good.

That said, it was really worth a visit, but I wouldn’t go out of your way to visit. 
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