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OT: A day out in the Allgäu
Posted by Barry Roy Taylor on 2019-07-09 03:33:27
I met the chap from Kaufbeuren a few years ago when he was at Abseits demonstrating his beers.  He was an interesting character and we talked for quite some time.

At first, I was really quite in opposition to the idea of brewing Zoigl in the Allgaeu but, in the end, I was pretty convinced of his sincerity in loving the tradition of Zoigl and not just perpretating a rip-off, like some other breweries.  I had always intended to go and see for myself but it's a tricky place to get to without a car, so have never managed it.

In the end, the Zoigl beers are simply another type of Pilsner beer, as most use mainly pilsner malt, with different proportions of Muenchner etc., but German hops, as opposed to Czech ones, which I suppose is one of the things that make German Pilsner a bit different.

Good to get a first-hand report on the experience, save me going!
     OT: A day out in the Allgäu  by Jason  on  2019-07-09 09:28:35
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