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Neder Forchheim
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2019-07-08 06:37:50
Is that the big guy who has been there a lot recently? It's great news as long as everything stays the same - no weird coffee/vanilla stouts, no double ipas; in fant absolutely no ipa's of any kind. I might be in there next week, so we'll see if any changes.
       Neder Forchheim  by Jason  on  2019-07-08 07:42:26
         Neder Forchheim  by AndyH on  2019-07-08 08:25:45
           Neder Forchheim  by Jason  on  2019-07-09 00:56:49
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                 Neder Forchheim  by Barry Roy Taylor on  2019-07-09 09:52:40
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                       Neder Forchheim  by Jason  on  2019-07-09 13:24:05
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