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Neder Forchheim
Posted by ANDREW H on 2019-07-09 10:18:07
Sorry chaps but I fear you are being a tad optomistic. The dread phrase "for the time being" is mentioned twice,and bearing in mind possible duff translation the owner says " stay the same on the outside" I smell change in the wind.
                     Neder Forchheim  by Jason  on  2019-07-09 13:10:39
                       Neder Forchheim  by Jason  on  2019-07-09 13:24:05
                         Neder Forchheim  by Barry Roy Taylor on  2019-07-09 15:03:35
                           Neder Forchheim  by Jason  on  2019-07-10 03:45:32
                             Neder Forchheim  by Barry Roy Taylor on  2019-07-10 03:50:13
                       Neder Forchheim  by ANDREW H on  2019-07-10 06:04:06
                         Neder Forchheim  by Jason on  2019-07-10 07:25:40