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Baierische Biere
Posted by Neeru Nort on 2019-09-10 03:46:54
Excluding Franken of course, what are some great favourites and uniquely good beers of the region? I might want to do a 8-10 day trip mainly visiting different breweries - so region doesn't matter. And I assume gravity cask and/or keg the supreme option compared to the bottles, right? Do breweries tend to filter kegs as well (as heavily as the bottles)? Do the best Bavarian beers equal Franconian beers is quality?

Admittably, I don't know much - so please don't halt back any suggestions of breweries and beers. Over the years I collected these suggestions but unfortunately without context.
# Augustiner
# Schonramer
# Pyraser
# Paulaner
# Giesinger
# Bischofshof
# Wiethaler
# Bayerisch Böhmische Brauhaus
# Communebrauerei Kaufbeuren
# Klett-Bräu
# Brauerei Goss
# Schlossbrauerei Eichenhof
# Berghammer
# Hembacher (Franken?)
   Baierische Biere by Jason on  2019-09-10 04:20:36
   Baierische Biere by FredW on  2019-09-10 09:02:26
     Baierische Biere by Jürgen Wening on  2019-09-11 03:42:21