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Baierische Biere
Posted by Jason on 2019-09-10 04:20:36

This is a big topic and not easy to answer. What is easy to answer is yes, gravity barrel, then lager tanks, then keg, then bottles would be my order of preference. Kegs are filtered or unfiltered depending on the beer, there is no rule to this. And for sure, the best Bavarian breweries are equal to their Franconia counterparts and in some cases exceed. 

From your list, Pyraser, Hembach and Wiethaler are in Franken. Schonramer is excellent, Augustiner very good as are Goss and Berghammer. But it’s a random list as you say. 

I think you need to be more specific about where you want to visit / what you want to do and perhaps look on RateBeer for their maps to check out where the breweries are and plan a trip around that. In general, the quality of beer is very high, and the difference between the best and the worst (with a few exceptions) isn’t huge, so without more of a plan it’s too wide a scope. I would say Tegernsee is a must, due to the beauty of the area and the great beerhall. The beer is good (maybe very good) but not the major draw. Bürgerbräu in Bad Reichenhall is one of the best in the country and is also set in wonderful alpine scenery - I would encourage not focusing on breweries but on beautiful locations - many have breweries. 

Happy to help further, I’ve visited many of the breweries across Bavaria and I can also help with  recommending places to visit.