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Heute Abend
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2019-10-06 03:43:52
 John, correct about Keesman, I understand that it's open 0900- 1500 on Saturdays.

Carl, that's a nice walk and one that I've done a number of times but, then, there can't be that many places in central Bamberg that I haven't walked at some time or other - it's a great place to walk around, I still get quite a thrill walking around the Dom area, especially in the twilight when you really get the impression of a medieval city - it's not all about beer, you know!.

Concur about Mahrs but I've said it often enough.  Greifenklaus is pretty decent; the beers have much improved over the time since my first visit and you have those lovely views from the back.  It's probably not visited enough because of the walk uphill but you can get a bus!  Great to hear about Sternla - good motivation for another visit but probably not this year!
     Heute Abend by Carl on  2019-10-06 11:28:42